Our current project, funded by Tesco Bags of Help

Oct 2017  –  Three beautiful table tennis tables have been installed on Bramford Lane Open Space.

April 2016  – The Grant was awarded for Sports Equipment and consultation with local schools revealed that outdoor table tennis tables was favourite.

Nov 2016  –  We have been awarded £10,000 and will be consulting with local park users before deciding how it will be spent.

If you have any suggestions for the use of this money please go to our contact page.

Oct 2016  –  We are about to embark on our next project, funded by Tesco Bags of Help

Bags of Help offers Community Groups and Projects a share of the revenue from Tesco’s single-use carrier bags.  The Grants available are for £8,000, £10,000 and £12,000.  The amount that a group will get depends on a public vote using tokens handed out at the checkout.  Voting ended 13 Nov 2016

For more information about Bags of Help go to

What will we spend the money on?
This will depend on how much money we get and what the local community needs.

Sept 2016  –  To coincide with Women in Sport week, we were funded by Suffolk Sport for a run leader and we hosted a 6 week Beginners Running Group in Whitehouse Park, aimed at women who don’t normally exercise. This has now come to an end but the women involved plan to continue running.  15 Nov 2016