Formed in May 2016, this group of local volunteers aims to nurture and improve the facilities in the parks and open spaces in the North West Ipswich area.  We will be fundraising for such improvements as sports and play equipment, seating and rubbish bins – in fact anything that can support and enhance these areas.

These are some of the green spaces in North West Ipswich.

  • Bramford Lane Recreation Ground
  • Bramford Lane Open Space
  • Castle Hill Park
  • Norwich Road – opposite Whitehouse Park
  • Lovetofts Drive
  • Sherrington Road Park
  • Whitehouse Park
  • Whitton Recreation Ground

These green spaces are amazing as they provide

  • Areas for all to meet and socialise
  • Ideal places for holding community events
  • Great playgrounds for children of all ages
  • Environments for wildlife
  • Opportunities to get involved in various sports
  • Places just to sit, relax and chill out
  • Welcoming environments for dogs and their owners
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